Bahiana celebrates LGBTQI+ Pride month

IV Symposium on Health Care for the LGBTQI+ Population brought together experts on the subject, live, on YouTube.


On June 28, the International LGBTQI+ Pride Day is celebrated, leading public and private institutions and organized civil society to carry out education and awareness activities throughout the month of June. THE Bahiana, with its activist, inclusive and solidary character, opened the month with the IV Symposium on Health Care for the LGBTQI+ Population, held on June 2, through an online broadcast, on its YouTube channel. The symposium is in its 4th edition, conceived and coordinated by professors, Ricardo Silva and Marlene Barreto, being an initiative of the curricular component Saúde Coletiva III, of the Dentistry course, which covers students of the 7th semester, in addition to being open to the entire academic community.

This year, the event brought the theme "Does your training enable you to take care of individuals in their particularities?", covering a program with guest speakers, including doctors, psychologists, activists and health professionals who work and develop research related to care with the LGBTQI+ community.

"This symposium was born with a theme that crosses all our content. So, in addition to the theme presented today, last semester, we discussed Bioethics and the Consumption of Psychoactive Substances. that need to be widely discussed by health professionals", explained Professor Marlene Barreto.

“In the country that kills the most LGBTQI+ people in the world, we need to make health environments a differential of reception, respect and exercise of citizenship so that these vulnerabilities are reduced and public policies, implemented in the country, for a long time, are fulfilled” , reported Professor Ricardo Silva.

Watch the Symposium: