Bahiana discusses Scientific Training of Physicians in Teaching Session of the Academy of Medicine of Bahia

Professor Humberto de Castro Lima Filho gives a lecture at AMB's Scientific Session.


"Objective of the Scientific Training of Physicians: how to implement?". This was the theme of the lecture given by the neurologist and coordinator of the Medicine course at Bahiana, Dr. Humberto de Castro Lima Filho, at the Scientific Session of the Academy of Medicine of Bahia, held on May 9, with live broadcast on the Google Meeting platform.

In his speech, the professor talked about how the Bahiana has been building the profile of graduates of the Medicine course, based on the National Curriculum Guidelines (DCN), focusing on the training of professionals who have science as a pillar and their medical practice based on evidence. "We believe that every doctor should at least be a user of science. Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública has the obligation to train doctors who know how to use science", defended Prof. Dr. Humberto Castro Lima Filho.

Also participating in the session, the dean of Bahiana and academic Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani, professor at the Faculty of Medicine at UFBA Carlos Brites, Prof. Clara Prada Sanabria (UEFS), Prof. Marcelo Araújo (UESC), the prof.ª Hermila Guedes (ABEM), the acad. professor Octavio Messeder and the acad. professor Mitermayer Reis, in addition to academics and professors from Bahiana Bernardo Galvão Filho and Luís Correia.

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