Selection Result - PIBICT

Check out the result of the Unified Notice for Scientific and Technological Initiation Scholarships-2022.


The Dean of Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies Stricto Sensu of Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública (EBMSP), ratifies and makes public the result of the selection of Scientific and Technological Initiation Scholarships of the Unified Public Notice, Nº 01/2022, intended for undergraduate students.

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The request for reconsideration of the result can be made only once, until May 17, 2022, by means of a letter sent to the electronic address

The contemplated advisors must indicate, through the Online Form, for each work plan APPROVED, a candidate student regularly enrolled in an undergraduate course at EBMSP, according to the required requirements and dates established in the schedule of the Unified Public Notice.


  • May 20-24, 2022
  • Click here to nominate Candidate Students for the IC Scholarship FAPESP/CNPq


  • From May 30 to June 03, 2022
  • Click here to make the appointment of Candidate Students for the IC/IT Scholarship BAHIANA

If you have any questions, we are available via the e-mail address. or by phone (71) 99161-0241 (WhatsApp).