Return to face-to-face classes takes place in an atmosphere of great enthusiasm

Students, professors and employees of the Bahiana are happy with the start of the school semester.


A Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública underwent a great structural adjustment and awareness regarding the moment we are still experiencing, with the aim of preparing for the face-to-face activities. This care and attention contributed to the institution being able to provide a safe return to face-to-face classes, without neglecting the reception of students.

"The return to face-to-face classes was much expected and desired, so it's been amazing to live this experience at Bahiana”, thus described the third semester student of the Medicine course Carol Veloso. The academic also highlighted that the resumption of face-to-face activities in Bahiana it raises the hope that the health crisis scenario is close to being overcome, in addition to strengthening relationships with other students, who will share the academic journey.

For Nathan Barbieri, also a third-semester medical student, in telepresence teaching, there is often a feeling of distance, which can accentuate feelings such as fear and loneliness. Therefore, returning to face-to-face meetings allows for the consolidation of knowledge in a more attractive way, in addition to greater interaction with the class. Also according to the student, “contact with teaching in person, including getting closer to classmates and course professors, facilitates the learning process”.

The adjunct professor of the Medicine course at Bahiana Maria de Lourdes Bastos pointed out that the beginning of the 2022.1 semester will be marked in a very positive way, with the possibility of seeing the students again and meeting the freshmen.