VII Circuit of Poetry of the Bahiana is celebrated with a virtual exhibition on YouTube

The virtual event was attended by professors and employees of the institution.


The art of poetry was celebrated once again in Bahiana, with the holding of the VII Poetry Circuit, which this year took place from March 14 to 18 in remote format. The Circuit started on March 14, in honor of the birthday of the Bahian poet Castro Alves.

The action, which takes place annually, is an initiative of the Center for Psychopedagogical Attention of the Bahiana (NAPP). Collaborators and teachers recited poems by themselves and by Brazilian and foreign authors, whose recording, on video, was presented in classrooms by teachers and sent to managers in all areas, throughout the week, in addition to having a playlist Special. The video exhibition was released on the institution's official YouTube channel. The videos were edited by collaborator Renata Berenstein, a psychologist at NAPP.

“To circulate poetry in classrooms, workspaces and social networks is to encourage more lightness, more art and more love in our lives. It's health promotion!”, declared the NAPP manager, Angélica Mendes.

Check the list of participants:
Ana Paula Barros – psychopedagogue at NAPP
Angélica Mendes – NAPP manager
Camila Baqueiro – psychologist at NAPP
Cândida Tavares – NAPP psychologist
Gustavo Vilas Boas – psychologist at NAPP
Ieda Aleluia – professor of the Medicine course
Isabella Queiroz – professor of the Psychology course
Janaína Scuccato – NAPP psychologist
Joice Cavalcante – NAPP psychiatrist
Jozélia Testagrossa – psychopedagogue at NAPP
Lígia Vilas Boas – NIDD supervisor
Ludmila Avanzo – NAPP psychologist
Luís Sergio Nunes – professor of the Biomedicine course
Renata Berenstein – NAPP psychologist
Regina Brasil – professor of the Medicine course