Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Bahiana launches scientific journal with an innovative approach in the area of ​​neuroscience

A Brain Imaging and Stimulation (BIS) is a new Brazilian journal focused on the areas of brain imaging and neuromodulation, being the third journal in the world in the last topic.


A School Bahiana of Medicine and Public Health, together with the Network of Assistance and Research Centers in Neuromodulation (Rede NAPeN), has just launched the scientific journal Brain Imaging and Stimulation (BIS), integrating the portal BAHIANA Journals, an innovative initiative in the Brazilian and world scientific scenario. The journal is focused on specific studies on brain imaging and stimulation, including various methods of studying brain activity, such as structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging, near-infrared spectroscopy, positron emission tomography, electroencephalography and many others, in addition to invasive and non-invasive neuromodulation. According to Dr. Kátia Nunes Sá, co-editor of the journal alongside Dr. Abrahão Fontes Baptista, "It is the third journal in the world in the area of ​​brain neuromodulation, alongside Brain Stimulation e da Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface da International Neuromodulation Society (INS). The publication will be entirely in English and is aimed at an audience interested in a deep understanding of the human brain and ways to enhance it." 

In addition to publishing scientific articles, another differential of the journal will be the publication of content in video and infographic formats. "THE Brain Imaging and Stimulation (BIS) applies to an interdisciplinary science by nature, which is neuroscience. Professionals in medicine, psychology, physiotherapy, speech therapy, physical education, dentistry, occupational therapy, biology, computer science, physics, mathematics and other segments who seek to deepen their knowledge about the functioning of the brain and the different ways to enhance its functions can be interested in BIS", emphasizes Dr. Kátia Nunes Sá.

BisThe journal does not charge a submission fee or access to its contents, being of the Diamond Open Access, that is, fully subsidized by the Bahiana and not by authors via article processing fees. This also means that the publication has no market conflicts of interest, as it does not need to receive any type of sponsorship from the industry, as the Bahiana be supported by a non-profit foundation.

According to the editor of BIS Dr. Abrahão Fontes Baptista, the Bahiana comes out, once again, ahead when it comes to innovative ideas in health: "The Bahiana has a line of research in neurosciences in its Stricto Sensu Graduate Program and collaborates with other reference centers in neurosciences in Brazil. Researchers from these institutions realized the need for a journal that could cover the areas of neuroimaging and neuromodulation. In view of the gap identified in the theme, the desire of the group of researchers from our master's and doctoral program was reconciled with the neurosciences center of Bahiana Health and the Network NAPeN, which involves several Brazilian universities, such as the Federal University of ABC, the University of São Paulo and the Federal University of Pernambuco. The editorial board has researchers with very relevant production in the area both in Brazil and abroad”.

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