I Mostra Virtual RessignificARTE” exhibits artistic productions by Citizens with HTLV

Meeting was promoted by the Nursing Extension Program of Cuidar Faz Bem da Bahiana.


Artists, their families, directors and members of the HTLVida Association and the HTLV/Neurosciences Center of Bahiana, in addition to professors and collaborators from the institution, met virtually at the “I RessignificARTE Virtual Exhibition – Citizens' Art with HTLV.” The meeting took place on November 26, at 19 pm, on the Zoom platform, and was promoted by the Nursing Extension Program taking care is good for Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública

Citizens with HTLV from the cities of Salvador, Ilhéus and Feira de Santana exhibited their arts in the most diverse modalities: entrepreneurship, handcrafted creative sewing, construction of a hardware structure for the Jehovah's Witnesses Hall, painting on fabric and bottles, crochet, vagonite , art with recycled materials and art in confectionery. The exhibitions held by the women highlighted the importance of art as a motivating force for the continuation of full life, especially in times of social isolation.

Professor Aidê Nunes da Silva, a nurse at the HTLV/Neurosciences Center, opened the event and emphasized that the Exhibition was born from the ideals of the Nursing extension workers from Cuidar Faz Bem, in the perspective of empowering citizens, who, in turn, they give new meaning to their life through their art. Also at the opening, the presentation of the choir sings Bahiana. The exhibition ended with the poem “The Age of Being Happy”, by Eustáquio de Souza, interpreted by Adjeane Oliveira, secretary of the HTLVida Association and member of the State Health Council. 

Participating in the occasion, with lectures and explanations, Mr. Francisco Borges, president of Associação HTLVida; Professor Dr. Bernardo Galvão, coordinator of the HTLV Center; Mr. Felipe Nepomuceno, collaborator on the Team of the Dean of Extension; Nursing extensionists Marisa Nascimento, Amanda Caitano, Edília Borges, Gabriela Medeiros, Larissa Lopes, Nathália Garcia and Rayanne Rodrigues; Professor Dr. Ana Marice Ladeia, coordinator of postgraduate courses at the Bahiana; physiotherapist Dr. Ana Karina Barroso; nurses Yscela Pimentel and Sônia Rangel, students of the Psychology Internship; and Professor Selena Mendes, responsible for the Home Exercise Program for people with HAM/TSP.

Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública