Psychology Course performs the II Internship in Psychology at Bahiana and XII Seminar on Preparation for Internship and Work (SEPET)

The meeting allowed the exchange of experiences between graduate psychologists, interns and students who will enter the 5th year of undergraduate Psychology.


Present the fields of practice to Psychology students, in order to better prepare them for the choice of internship, as well as for meeting the world of work. This was the objective of the II Journey of Internship in Psychology at Bahiana, which took place last Friday (10), in conjunction with the XII Seminar on Preparation for Internship and Work (SEPET). The meeting was held remotely, via the Zoom platform, with the participation of professors and students from the course, as well as professionals from the institution.

The event was coordinated by professors Sylvia Barreto (coordinator of the Psychology course), Ana Aparecida Martinelli Braga (coordinator of internships in Psychology at Bahiana) and Myla Arouca (responsible for the Psychology Clinic of Bahiana Health), in partnership with the student body. The program included the discussion of clinical cases and reports of experiences of trainee students and psychologists who had graduated from the course.

"We live in moments of many and hard uncertainties, but we reinvent ourselves, give new meaning and learn. I think that the moment to share is very important", declared Sylvia Barreto, explaining that the decision to unify the two events was made because it was more significant talk about internships, experiences and talk about work at the same time. "Thinking about a prognosis, we have a lot of work in psychology – and I've been saying that – for at least the next twenty years. We have a lot of work ahead of us!"