Class of 1986 celebrates 35 years of graduation with reunion at Campus Cabula

Date was marked with the planting of a yellow ipe tree.


Every gang has a great joker, a leader, and an exuberant girl. With celebration, joy, gratitude and a lot of emotion, the thirty-five years of graduation of the Medicine class of the Bahiana of 1986, the TMB 86. To mark the date, the former students met again on a sunny morning, last Saturday (20), at the Cabula Campus, and planted a yellow ipe tree, a tree that became symbolize the group.

According to the former student and founder of the initiative, Plácido Lima Filho, the idea was inspired by the initiative of his wife's class, who also graduated in Medicine, in Botucatu, in the interior of São Paulo, when he was doing his residency at the time. To mark the evolution, the maturation of the class and strengthen the union between its participants, every year, a photo of the tree is registered and sent to the alumni. “It's as if the class literally planted roots in the university”, declared Plácido.

Selma Cardoso, also a doctor and former student of the Bahiana, comments that the reunion reminded her of her time as an undergraduate, when the Medicine course was taught at the former Nazaré Campus, then affectionately called “Escolinha da Ladeira”. "We felt the joy and enthusiasm as if we were still in college, which we affectionately call 'Escolinha da Ladeira' because the Bahiana it worked, at that time, on the hillside, in an annex of the Hospital Santa Isabel, which was our teaching hospital. I am very happy. Thank you very much Bahiana for providing this wonderful event for us.”

Photos Plantação De YpÊ Former Medical Students 20112021 (79) (copy)

In addition to planting the tree, a commemorative plaque referring to the reunion was installed by the former students, who also received a kit with composting of organic material collected and prepared at the institution, in an initiative of the committee. Bahiana Green. The idea was that they would take some of the Bahiana home. The group's unity was also maintained during the pandemic, when, through a group on WhatsApp, they wrote the cookbook "Delicacies in the Quarantine: eating, loving and praying not to get fat". 

"To the Bahiana, receiving these people is continuity, but a continuity with renewed affection. Here we have a group of 35 years ago who return to this place they did not physically know, but where they feel the same welcome, the same love, the same importance as she has. With this meeting, today, we begin the celebrations of 70 years of Bahiana in high style", declared the coordinator of People Development, Prof. Luiza Ribeiro, on the occasion representing the dean of the institution, Dr. Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani. 

Former students of Bahiana - Medicine class 1986

Former students of Bahiana - Medicine class 1986