Medicine Course receives recommendation for recertification by the ISO 9001 Standard

Audit evaluated and recognized the institution's good quality practices.


Photo Current Audit Pi 907The Medicine course of Bahiana received a recommendation for ISO 9001:2015 recertification, after the audit visit, carried out by the certifier DNV, in the week of October 25th to 29th, via the Teams platform (online). On that occasion, the processes and compliance with the requirements of the standard were evaluated, in relation to the Quality Management System. 

The quality manager of Bahiana, Luciana Branco, explains that the technical, administrative and academic pedagogical areas that make up the scope of the certification and that contribute to the functioning of the course were evaluated in terms of results and performance, change management, challenges with the pandemic scenario and process innovation to guarantee services to the entire community. Bahiana.

According to Luciana Branco, "the recertification of the Medicine course by the ISO 9001 standard is an external recognition of our practices, and recognizes the collaborative work of the teams in favor of the quality of the services offered".

Bahiana Photo Audit All Pit 907