Bahiana performs the XNUMXth Nursing Conference

Event discussed the trajectory of training and preparation of nursing professionals.


The trajectory of the nursing profession, from the beginning, with the choice of the educational institution, to the selection process for a job vacancy, was the theme discussed in the XIV Nursing Conference - Development of competences and care management in professional training and nursing, which took place on the morning of October 20th with live broadcast on the Bahiana on Youtube.

The event was coordinated by Professor Alexandra Noemi Silva and had, at its opening, the participation of the Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Education Lato Sensu, Maria de Lourdes Freitas Gomes and the course coordinator, Simone Passos. As a playful and cultural intervention, a musical presentation was held with Professor Artur Gomes Dias Lima.

The program included the opening lecture "Training skills and career management of nurses", given by nurse Claudiomiro Alonso, member of the Center for Research in Care and Human Development at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. The second moment brought the roundtable "Behavioral skills in care management" with speeches by nurses Katiane Andrade Pedreira and Flávia Ferreira, former students of Bahiana.

Check out the event video: