Artistic presentations are featured on the closing morning of XXI MCC

The meeting also included a raffle of prizes for research students


With live broadcast, through the official channel of the Bahiana on YouTube, the closing morning of the XXI Scientific and Cultural Exhibition of Bahiana it happened on Saturday, October 2nd. The activities began with speeches by the People Development coordinator, Prof. Luiza Ribeiro, and by the MCC coordinators, Prof. Carolina Pedroza, dean of Extension, and Prof. Lígia Villas Bôas, supervisor of the Núcleo de Faculty Development (NIDD) of the Bahiana. As the opening artistic activity, the dance performance of the Physiotherapy teacher Rachel Trinchão was presented. The virtual exhibition “Your body is nature” by the indigenous painter and illustrator Wanessa Ribeiro was also re-presented. 

The meeting followed its schedule with musical interventions by the duo “Fefe e Matheus”, made up of students from the 2nd semester of the Dentistry course, Fernanda Cruz (@fefecruz_) and Matheus Cintra (@matheuscinttra). As in every year, financial incentives for registration and presentation of research at academic events, in the amount of R$500,00, were raffled among researchers with approved scientific papers. The award winners were students Luana Santos Pires, from the Physiotherapy course, with the work "Construction of therapeutic resources with recyclable materials: an alternative for functional re-education of upper limbs", and Vanessa Peçanha Alves, from the Medicine course, with her work "Assessment and applicability of an instrument for monitoring prenatal care in a family health unit".

The morning of the second day of the MCC also included oral presentations by the MCC and the Scientific Journey, in addition to the Folhas que cura workshops, with Maria Conceição Souza dos Santos Costa, religious leader of the Caboclo Sultão das Matas Center, Ancestral Medicine of the Apurinã People , with Ewyryky Apurinã, representative of the Apurinã people of Aldeia Kamapã and one of the founders of the Pupykary Institute, and Integrative and herbal practices, with Walmir de Oliveira – Vava/MST Norte da Bahia.

This year, XXI MCC reached the mark of 402 paying subscribers, which allowed the collection of R$10.050,00 (ten thousand and fifty reais) that will be allocated to the donation of whole powdered milk for the Follow-up Program for Mothers with HTLV/BAHIANA and for the institutions, Lar Vida e Pérolas de Cristo. In all, 283 papers were presented, 59 of which were oral communications, within the MCC and 224 researches developed within the Scientific Initiation Program (PIBIC).

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