"From despair to the invitation of hope" ends the Yellow September in Bahiana

The event was a realization of the Actions and Studies Program on Suicide (PAES).


The month of attention and combating suicide ended in Bahiana with the September Yellow event: "From despair to the invitation of hope", held by the Actions and Studies Program on Suicide (PAES), on September 27, broadcast live by the institution's official channel on the YouTube. Paes was created 7 years ago and has already held 5 seminars for Setembro Amarelo, this being the second to take place virtually, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In her opening speech, the coordinator of Paes and professor of the Psychology course at Bahiana, Aicil Franco, highlighted that the event would take a leap this year and that, in addition to addressing the issue of suicide, the meeting also proposed to talk about hope. "This time, we made progress and, this year, we are going to talk about hope", he declares, justifying the theme of the event, which is also a tribute to the centenary of educator Paulo Freire. The psychologist and former student of the Bahiana, Ricardo Mattos, who presented a bit of the history of PAES.

The program included the presentation of Undergraduate and Graduate Course Completion Papers (TCC) by PAES members and the lecture "The search for hope in dark times" by Jungian psychotherapist Maria Helena Guerra. The seminar ended with a performance by the psychologist and also a former student of the Bahiana, Millen Carvalho.

Watch Yellow September: "From Despair to Hope's Invitation", accessing the link below: