Internationalization Plan of Bahiana win two new shares

The initiatives will be in conjunction with universities in the US, Colombia and Argentina.


Internationalization in the teaching of Bahiana will be reinforced with new actions supported by the Institutional Relationship and Internationalization Center of Bahiana (REAI), which works to promote exchanges and research. At initiatives are aimed at students and have the support of technologies in remote learning, integrating the Internationalization Plan of BAHIANA – GDP.   

There will be two actions, one in conjunction with the University of Maryland (USA) and the other involving two different universities: Corporación Universitária UNIMINUTO (Colombia) and University of Mendonza (Argentina). "The objective of the projects is to propose and organize methods, strategies and tools, aiming at social development and sharing differences and similarities in the contexts of Brazil and other countries", highlighted the professor of the Physical Education course at Bahiana Joao Franco.  

About one of the projects, João Franco explained that the initiative, of which he is a part, consists of a collaborative project of online recreation (COIL), with the participation of three universities. “A little more than 50 students participate in this action, including eight students from the 3rd semester of the Physical Education course at Bahiana and four professors, besides me, three professors from other international institutions”, explained the professor.