The trajectory of Physiotherapy was the theme of the Physiotherapy Research Journey

The event had a wide schedule and discussions on the technological improvement of the profession.


Discussions about the timeline of Physiotherapy and the clinical and hospital technological improvement of the profession marked the X Edition of the Physiotherapy Research Journey of Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública. The event took place on September 10, with live broadcast on the YouTube of the institution. The theme of the edition was “Re(invention) of Physiotherapy: from electric fish to teleservice”, coordinated by professors Luciana Bilitário, Eulália Pinheiro and Brunos Góes.

The event aimed at Physiotherapy students and physiotherapists brought together specialists who spoke about subjects such as the universe of social networks, the ancient physiotherapist, technologies and innovations in hospital care and post-pandemic scenarios. Rivaldo Novaes, Vivianne Brenneisen, Rodrigo Plentz, Renata Mota, Vitor Sotero, Cristiane Dias, João de Deus, Bruno Góes, Mônica Rios, Carina Rocha, Francisco Oliveira, Jessica Ramos and Abrahão Baptista were part of the conference's lecturers. 

Luciana Bilitário, coordinator of the Physiotherapy course at Bahiana, after opening the event, emphasized how much Bahiana values ​​science and teaching quality. "The 10th edition of the Physiotherapy Research Journey represented the result of a history built collectively, always seeking innovation, technology and social responsibility, from teaching, through care and research, to communication with society", highlighted the teacher.

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