Lecture and workshops mark the first day of the XVII Pedagogical Forum of Bahiana

The event received as guests the professors Rogério de Almeida (USP) and Tiganá Santana (IHAC/UFBA).


"Free to think is just to think". The sentence by writer and journalist Millôr Fernandes was the source of inspiration for the XVII Pedagogical Forum of Bahiana, which took place on August 20 and 21, bringing together the faculty in an immersion process, through virtual meetings on the Zoom platform. The activities had the participation of the dean of Bahiana, Dr. Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani and the professor of the Dentistry course and coordinator of the Institutional Center for Teacher Development – ​​NIDD, Sandra Brasil, coordinators of the event, in addition to the coordinator of People Development Prof. Luiza Ribeiro.

The opening lecture "A arte de Pensar" was given by prof. Rogério de Almeida, associate professor at the Faculty of Education at USP, PhD in Education and associate professor in Culture and Education. The guest professor's speech was about Edgar Morin's thought in building the process of teaching how to think. Afterwards, the participants were divided into groups to carry out a reflective workshop on the art of thinking. The results were discussed with Professor Rogério de Almeida.
Under the lens of cosmovision, the adjunct professor at the Institute of Humanities, Arts and Sciences Prof. Milton Santos (IHAC/UFBA), Doctor of Letters (USP), Bachelor of Philosophy (UFBA) and musician Tiganá Santana addressed a new perspective of science, leaving aside the anthropocentric ideal, making room for diversity in the field of health. His lecture “Capoeira do Pensamento” opened space for a new series of workshops with participants on the first day of XVII Pedagogical Forum of Bahiana.

Check out how the second day of the event.

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