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New from Bahiana discusses the commitment to Public Health

The 2021.2 edition highlighted the importance of research and science.


“Commitment to Public Health: ethics and training” was the theme of the 2021.2 edition of New from Bahiana, held on August 6th. The event was broadcast live on the YouTube channel of Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública ( and featured a lecture by the teacher from Bahiana and director of the Couto Maia Institute, Dr. Ceuci Nunes. The coordinator of People Development, Luiza Ribeiro, opened the initiative, welcoming the freshmen, and the infectious disease specialist spoke about collective health beyond the pandemic.

"Science must always be valued, as it is through it that vaccines against COVID-19 could be developed", was what Professor Ceuci Nunes explained when discussing public health care and the reduction of pandemic rates in consequence of vaccination. In addition to this reflection, mediators Angélica Mendes (coordinator of the Pedagogical Care Center – NAPP), Luiza Ribeiro and Luciana Oliveira (coordinator of the Common Center) spoke about capitalism and its implications in the political, health and social areas.

The course coordinators were introduced by Angélica Mendes, who explained the importance of the event, as it is an initiative that marks the entry of new students. Luiza Ribeiro highlighted the values ​​of the institution and how much Bahiana values ​​and respects differences.


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