Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Health Fair Taking Care is Good


fair health care is good

The Cuidar Faz Bem Health Fair is one of the events of the Cuidar Faz Bem program. It is held in several neighborhoods in Salvador and brings promotion and prevention actions, strengthening the level of information in the communities and enabling academics to exercise citizenship in caring. Spaces are available for various audiences, such as booths clarifying doubts about:

· Prevention of breast and cervical cancer;
· HTLV prevention and rehabilitation measures;
· Guidance and prevention on mental health, lupus, H1N1 and Zica;
· Playful and educational activities for children.

At “Brechó Chique”, the amounts collected from the sale of products are reverted to Associação HTLVida. The actions are carried out by students of the Nursing course at Bahiana, under the supervision of teachers.