An excellent company for women to work for.

Institution conquers ranking position for the second consecutive year!


A Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública remains in the ranking among the best companies for women to work for in Brazil. In another edition of the Great Place to Work – GPTW Brazil award, the institution was classified as one of the excellent companies for women to work in Brazil in 2021, in the “Large Companies” category, that is, with more than 1000 employees. It is the second consecutive year that the Bahiana wins that title.

The 5th edition of the Ranking GPTW Woman had 641 participating companies, and the Bahiana was in 30th place in the national ranking. To compete for a position, registered organizations must meet certain criteria, such as having at least 100 employees, 15% women in the general staff and 15% in management positions. Of the 70 companies awarded, 35 are large. THE Bahiana It has a staff of 50% women, with 54% at the highest levels of management. In the institution's general management, women represent 70% of the staff.

“We are an organization with cultural attitudes and behaviors that value the role of women in society. Our goal is to transform lives, a mission that goes far beyond educational training”, adds Telma Bastos, manager of the Strategic Management of People and Organizational Learning at Bahiana – GEPAP. Therefore, this consecutive classification reflects the responsibility that the Bahiana it has, not only with women, but with all the people who are part of the organization, whether from the academic, technical or administrative areas. “We provide opportunities for our employees to grow and develop in their roles with very clear internal policies for people management where the family is part of our view in a customized way”, emphasizes the manager.

Telma Bastos explains that the policy for women includes actions to support mothers in their needs in the exercise of motherhood and in relationships with their peers, always with a humanized look, allowing flexibility, taking into account each case and giving all the support so that they can develop their activities in the best possible way, being protagonists of their careers. The balance between work and personal life results in even better quality of life. “It is noteworthy that we went through the pandemic and did not make a single disconnection, thanks to our values, humanized view and capacity for reinvention in the midst of challenges”, concludes the GEPAP manager.