Psychology Course chats about mental health care practices in the context of the pandemic

The event took place on May 19, and was broadcast on the YouTube channel of Bahiana.


"Care Practices and Coping Strategies in the Context of the Pandemic" was the theme of the meeting promoted by the Psychology course of Bahiana, on May 19, with live broadcast by institution's channel on YouTube.

Under the coordination of professors Rafael Fernandes and Sylvia Barreto, coordinator of the Psychology course, a round table was held with the participation of psychologist Rosenir Alcântara, also a psychologist and former student of the Bahiana Beatriz D'arck and Psychology student Natan Amoedo.

On the occasion, the guests shared their practical experiences with the care and promotion of mental health in the context of the pandemic. “It was a morning of transformation. The fact that we do not have ready-made answers only fuels our commitment to continue reflecting, giving new meaning and taking care", declared professor Rafael Fernandes.

Check out the event in full: