Science with Acarajé debates the denial of science and its impacts on health

The prof. Caroline Feitosa highlighted the consequences of the denial of science throughout history.


The denial of science was the theme of the XXV Ciência com Acarajé. The initiative, the result of a partnership with PET de Biomedicina, took place on May 20, with live broadcast by YouTube channel of Bahiana. the teacher of Bahiana, psychologist and teacher Dr. Caroline Feitosa, was the guest speaker.

The relaxed meeting had the objective of debating the scientific facts that show the impacts of science denial movements throughout history. From the cholera outbreaks in the transition from the 1940th to the XNUMXth century, citing the massive propaganda in favor of cigarette use in the mid-XNUMXs, to recent conspiracy theories about the pandemic and the sharing of false news on social media .

"Denial is a psychological defense process for situations of reality that we cannot deal with, however, what happens today is an orchestrated movement of manipulation with catastrophic consequences for all areas, especially health, which denies scientific evidence and harms, in large scale, the whole of society”, highlighted professor Caroline Feitosa.

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