Teachers and students of the Physical Education course at Bahiana launch book on women's health

Publication ?Physical activity in women's health? is already for sale


The book "Physical activity in women's health", whose authors and organizers are the coordinator of the Physical Education course at Bahiana, Clarcson Plácido Conceição dos Santos, and Professor Ciro Oliveira Queiroz, is now available for purchase, with promotional values, on the website of CRV Publisher.

The publication has articles by teachers and students from the Physical Education in Women's Health component, which is part of the curriculum of the Physical Education course at Bahiana. The contents are based on a growing body of evidence that indicates the importance of physical activity for women's health.

Each chapter of the book addresses a specific characteristic or a pathology that manifests itself with high frequency among the female audience and in them, as a result of each study, epidemiological data are presented that portray the behavior of diseases in this specific population, describing the pathophysiology of each illness. From each survey, recommendations are made for the development of physical activity programs focused on the prevention and treatment of different health problems for women.

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