Note in support of the Pact for Life and for Brazil

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Faced with the delicate moment experienced by the country, a group of research professors and coordinators of the stricto sensu graduate program wrote a note in support of the Pact for Life and for Brazil. The rectory endorses the initiative and asks the community Bahiana to sign and publish the document, which already has almost 900 subscriptions. Check the note in full:

A Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública unreservedly supports the note from the signatory entities of the Pact for Life and for Brazil. In this moment of national tragedy, we cannot ignore the situation we are facing, which most seriously affects the socioeconomically disadvantaged population.

This great tragedy results from the misconduct in combating the Covid-19 pandemic in our country. Since the beginning of the pandemic, denial has minimized the severity of the disease. The lack of coordination of the actions of the federal government and the Ministry of Health abandoned states and municipalities, creating a chaotic situation. The absence of strategic planning in the acquisition of supplies, medicines and vaccines resulted in the collapse of the health system and an exponential increase in the number of deaths. We are witnessing a policy of helplessness in the face of economic issues facing the population, which further increases social inequality, promotes greater vulnerability and high levels of suffering.

We joined the Pact for Life and for Brazil in the hope of collectively overcoming this disastrous moment, relying on the strength of institutions to uphold the principles guaranteed by the Brazilian Constitution. 

We express our feelings to the families of thousands of Brazilians who lost their lives

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