Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Bahiana performs 2nd ENEIS

National Meeting of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Health will be online. Registration is now open.


The school Bahiana of Medicine and Public Health holds, on March 19th and 20th, the 2nd National Meeting of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Health - ENEIS, with the objective of bringing together specialists, professors, researchers, students, investors and entrepreneurs in the area of ​​science, technology and innovation to share knowledge and experiences. The event also aims to create collaborative networks between academia, research centers, the productive sector and the government. The idea is to establish partnerships for the development of innovative products, processes and services in the healthcare area. 

The program starts on March 19, with 6 workshops that will be held via the Zoom platform. On the second day, the programming will start at 8:30 am, with broadcast on the official channel of the Bahiana on YouTube, and will feature panels: “Health of the future: innovations, trends and perspectives”; “Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology”; “Entrepreneurship & Social Impact”; ending with the panel “Innovation in Health: from research to the market”.

The event is free and open to the public. Entries can be made through the address:

O National Meeting of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Health - ENEIS is an achievement of Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, with the partnership of Aje Bahia, Fortec, IMTECH, Angiclin, ITESB, Rede + and Mosquito Zero, the support of Bahiana Saúde, FAPESP, CAPS and Osvaldo Cruz Foundation, and sponsorship of the Pain Therapy Clinic, Banco Santander, InforMed, Algetec, Sanar Saúde, Senai/Cimatec, Uneb and Bahiana.

Digital Health Bahia
In parallel to the 2nd ENEIS, Saúde Digital Bahia will also be held, an event that unfolds the “Digital Health Challenges for Bahia Workshop”, which took place in August 2019, at Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, when, in working groups, strategies for advancing infrastructure, telecare and health education in the State were discussed. This second meeting of the working groups will aim to resume discussions in order to promote the continuity of the dialogues started in 2019. In addition, Saúde Digital Bahia will also promote a rich debate on the future of the Digital Health professional through panel that will feature the lectures:

  • The healthcare IT professional of the future: what the market expects – Renato Sabbatini (BAHIANA/Edumed Institute);
  • Skills for training health informatics professionals – Martha Menezes (BAHIANA);
  • The value of online platforms for accessing clinical, scientific and educational knowledge – Daniel Santos (Manole/InforMED).

Registration is free and must be made through the website