Breast cancer was the theme of the XXIV Science with Acarajé

The free event was streamed live on YouTube's YouTube channel. Bahiana.


Students and teachers of Bahiana and from other educational institutions appreciated the 24th edition of Science with Acarajé da Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública. The event addressed the theme "Counseling and genetic predisposition to breast cancer", and the lecture was given by the professor from Bahiana Dr. Cínthia Vila Nova Santana. The free action was broadcast live on the institution's YouTube channel and took place on December 4, from 18 pm to 19 pm.

Dr. Cínthia Santana is a biomedic, master in Molecular Medicine, PhD in Genetics and researcher in the area of ​​molecular genetics and molecular markers. During the lecture, the professor highlighted how genetic mapping can contribute to the prevention of cancer, especially breast cancer, in both women and men. Participants submitted questions and comments via YouTube's online chat.

The initiative promoted by the Tutorial Education Program – PET Biomedicina aimed to popularize science and share ideas. The theme chosen for this edition dialogued with the current scenario of increase in the number of breast cancer cases over the years and highlighted the importance of prevention and awareness of the population. “It was an honor to participate and contribute to Ciência com Acarajé”, highlighted Cínthia Santana when commenting on the invitation to speak at the event. The XXIV Ciência com Acarajé is saved on the YouTube channel of Bahiana, through the link: