Bahiana holds International Childhood and Vulnerabilities Symposium

Academic event marked the launch of the Childhood Center Bahiana (NIBA): Study, Research and Extension.


A Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública held, on December 3rd and 4th, by its official YouTube channel: International Childhood and Vulnerabilities Symposium, when the Childhood Center was launched Bahiana (NIBA): Study, Research and Extension. Before starting the academic program, a message of hope was conveyed to the audience, through musical presentations by the Neojibá children's choir and the virtual exhibition "Children", by photographer Álvaro Villela.

The opening table was attended by the event coordinators, Prof. Andréa Tenório Diniz Gonçalves – Master in Psychopathology (UFBa) and Isabella Queiroz, PhD in Medicine and Human Health (Bahiana), and the coordinators of the Master's Degree in Psychology and Health Interventions, Prof. Dr. Mônica Ramos Daltro, and the undergraduate Psychology course at Bahiana, Prof. Dr. Sylvia Barreto. "I believe that every work project is a project of resistance and, in addition to teaching and research (which we have already developed at undergraduate and master's levels, in our group), this is a clinical project aimed at a future stimulation outpatient clinic precocious in Bahiana. It is a project that aims to resist and join forces with SUS, with our dear and admirable SUS", declared Andréa Diniz, referring to the Childhood Center Bahiana which also has professors Isabella Queiroz and Marta Cerqueira as members, but which will be open to other professors and students interested in the area.

The Symposium took place internationally with lectures by guests, such as the French Nazir Hamad, who spoke about "The Transmission, a fruitful misunderstanding in the clinic", marking the opening conference, with simultaneous translation by Prof. Larissa Ornellas (UNEB).