XX MCC discusses denial in Brazil

Programming took place on the afternoon of November 20, via YouTube channel. Bahiana.


The opening of the XX Scientific and Cultural Exhibition of Bahiana, which took place on the afternoon of November 20 and had as its theme "Science in Times of Negation", was marked by voices of great power inside and outside the institution. The speeches reflected the theme of the event, which is held annually, with a rich cultural and scientific program, and which, this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, took place in digital format, via YouTube, which did not take anything away of the avant-garde brilliance that so characterizes the events of the Bahiana.

The opening table was hosted by the Dean of Extension of the Bahiana, professor Carolina Pedroza, who received the Dean of Research, Innovation and Post-Graduate Education Stricto Sensu, professor Atson Fernandes, and the Dean of Bahiana, Dr. Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani. In its 20th year of realization, MCC also added the X Forum of Researchers of Bahiana, XVIII Scientific Initiation Journey and VII Extension Show.

"We have no doubts that the COVID-19 pandemic is a global, humanitarian and health crisis. And, in Brazil, it is expressed even more urgently, as we are experiencing a political crisis. The Federal Government is acting in a criminal manner. when it denies science, it manipulates data and disrespects the suffering of thousands of Brazilians," declared Carolina Pedroza. For Professor Atson Fernandes, promoting actions such as the XX MCC and the entire academic program throughout 2020 is a way of Bahiana respond to the challenges posed by the Pandemic. In her speech, the dean highlighted that doing the MCC is a way of going against the culture of denial, which has been in force in the country. "It is time to celebrate, not anti-denialism, but the affirmation of the importance of science, of a science aimed at the good of the community, that responds to people's needs, a science that is not done alone, that is done together with others people from other professions, from other countries, which shows that only collaboration can give results that do good for everyone," said Dr. Maria Luisa.


(Check out the MCC opening video)
The program also included the artistic presentation "Maracatu Ventos de Ouro", directed by Josy Garcia, hosted by teacher Lígia Vilas Bôas. The guest Dr. Wlamyra Albuqerque (UFBA) gave her lecture "Reflection on Science in Times of Negationism", mediated by the professor of the Psychology course at Bahiana Dr. Carlos Alberto Danon, who, at the time, honored the Black Awareness Day and mentioned the murder of João Alberto Silveira Freitas, which occurred the night before (19), in a store belonging to the Carrefour supermarket chain. The program ended with the drawing of vouchers worth R$500,00 for student researchers with selected works to be presented in the scientific program of the XX MCC. The winners were academics Leonardo Magalhães Andrade Silva and Larissa Barreto Leal Albuquerque.