VIII Extension Show Awards mark second day of MCC

Programming also received musical presentations from academics of Medicine and Psychology.


Chameleon Luiza Ribeiro – professor and coordinator of People Development at Bahiana, was the host of a light and relaxed morning that marked the second and last day of the XX Scientific and Cultural Exhibition of Bahiana, broadcast live on the morning of November 21, via YouTube channel. To the sound of the voice and soft guitar of the academic from Medicine, Vanessa de Oliveira, MCC was awakened to another day in favor of science and the arts. This year, the milk donated as an inscription was destined for HTLV carrier mothers, members of the HTLV Carrier Support Group of the Bahiana, Lar Vida and the Pérolas de Cristo project, which takes care of abused children.

Throughout the program, the works presented at the VIII Extension Exhibition of the Bahiana. In category Best Chat Wheel, the 3rd place went to the work "Exercises and Curiosities as tools to expand the anatomical knowledge of the muscular system", by Ana Luiza Valente Lima, Aiss da Silva Adorno, Jaíne de Souza Bonfim, Bruno Ferreira Rondon Linhares, Atson Carlos de Souza Fernandes and Carina Oliveira dos Santos; the 2nd place went to the work "Emotions in the Pandemic: reports of a group experience", by Gabriela das Chagas Lima, Raquel Vilanova Teixeira, Thaynara Oliveira and Maria Ivana Amado Chaves Guerra, and the 1st place was the work "Production for loan of plaster heart models: expansion of didactic resources in the learning of human anatomy", by the authors Rute Léa de Moura Pinto, Ariele Casaes Dias, Tainá Marcelle Rodrigues Rocha, Vereda Linay de Almeida Couto, Bruno Ferreira Rondon Linhares, Leila Valverde Ramos and Carina Oliveira dos Santos.

The best Oral Communication works were evaluated by courses. In Biomedicine, the work "Infection by the hepatitis C virus (HCV): how does it behave in individuals aged 60 years in Northeast Brazil?", by authors Vitor Valadares Summers, Luciane Amorim Santos and Viviane Ferreira; in the course of Nursing, was considered the best work of oral communication "Surgical Smoke: what workers in the operating room need to know?", by the authors Luiz Felipe dos Santos Santos and Mary Gomes Silva; in the course of Physiotherapy, the study "Functional performance, sleep quality and the occurrence of falls among elderly residents in the community: a prospective longitudinal study?", by Cláudia Costa Pinto Furtado Machado, Cristiane Maria Carvalho Costa Dias, Cristina Salles, Élen Beatriz Carneiro Pinto, was the winner , Martha Moreira Cavalcante Castro, Marcela Militão and Miguel Gonçalves Meira e Cruz; in the course of Psychology, the work "The Psychologist in the context of palliative care: main challenges and coping strategies" by Raquel Edington and Carolina Villa Nova Aguiar was awarded; the work "Prevalence of Sleep Disorders in the Elderly" was the winner of the oral communication works of the Medicine course, authored by Augusto Mariano Ferreira Santos, Luiza Leal, João Guilherme Garrido, Luana Rollemberg Seixas, Ranúzia Mercês Santos Galtieri, Yuri Campos Lopes and Cristina Salles.

To finalize the award, the student of Psychology Keila Vasconcelos Souto also sang some international songs, moving the audience.