Health Tech of Bahiana discusses the culture of entrepreneurship and the use of technology

Online and free event brought together professors, students, entrepreneurs and researchers.


Teachers, students, entrepreneurs and researchers were able to update themselves on entrepreneurship and technology in the 4th edition of Health Tech of Bahiana. The free digital action took place on November 13, from 18:30 pm to 21:30 pm, through the Zoom Metting platform, and had the theme “HistoLab: from idea to market. A trajectory of academic entrepreneurship." The main subject addressed by the professor at Bahiana Adriana Moura, PhD in Cell Biology, brought to light the culture of entrepreneurship and the importance of using technology in health. The action also included the award ceremony for the second edition of the Inova+Saúde Award. 

The initiative was coordinated by Professor Atson Fernandes, Dean of Research, Innovation and Post-Graduation Stricto Sensu at Bahiana. As for the event, the dean explains that the programming and realization of the 4th edition of Health Tech was based on the culture of entrepreneurship in the academic community of Bahiana, from the perspective of technological development and innovation: “It is an event that discusses a lot of research applied to product development. Because of this, we have partnered with other entities, such as Banco Santander, sponsor of the Inova+Saúde award, and with Hospital Português, Hospital Cárdio Pulmonar and Pain Therapy Clinic as institutions that propose the challenges of the competition, which refer to problems real experiences experienced by these institutions”.

The professor and dean also recalls that there is a federal law called the Regulatory Framework for Science Technology and Innovation (CT&I), which regulates CT&I in Brazil: “Health Tech is in perfect harmony with this law, promoting it in our community academic, increasing knowledge through the publication of scientific articles, in addition to encouraging the emergence of new ideas and technologies to impact people's lives, transform society, generate income and wealth for the country. Therefore, Health Tech has been very successful, even more than the Bahiana, in synergy with this context, it already has technology-based products sold in partnership with companies”.

For teacher Adriana Moura, “undertaking is a consequence of the emergence of a good idea to solve a problem or difficulty. This good idea and the product generated from it can help other people to face the same situation”. Therefore, taking into account the current scenario, the professor emphasizes that finding solutions to the problems arising from the crisis and the pandemic and sharing them is important so that it is possible to overcome the situation. “Furthermore, combining innovation, technology, science and entrepreneurship is important in the academic environment to connect students with the future”, he concludes.

The start of the event took place at 18:30 pm. Mr. Fábio Sampaio, sponsor of the Inova+Saúde award and manager of Santander Universidades, and the dean Dr. Maria Luiza Carvalho Soliani welcomed the opening ceremony. Also present on the occasion were: prof. Dr. Handerson Leite, Innovation Director at FAPESB, Dr. Agnaldo Freire, Innovation Superintendent at SECTI, Dr. Bruna Machado, Researcher and Associate Professor at SENAI CIMATEC, prof. Dr José Gileá, coordinator of the Innovation Agency of the State University of Bahia, prof. Dr. Reinaldo Martinelli, coordinator of the Center for Studies at Hospital Português, prof. Dr. Luiz Ritt, manager of Training, Epidemiology and Research at Hospital Cárdio Pulmonar and undergraduate and graduate professor at Bahiana and Dr. Angiolina Kraychete, medical director of the Pain Therapy Clinic. Then, Prof. Adriana Moura gave the lecture “Histolab”. The awards ceremony took place at 20pm.

Inova+Health Award
The award is an initiative of the Bahiana, sponsored by Santander Universities, and seeks innovations that generate practical results for society. Thus, the award challenges teachers and students to develop technological and propositional solutions based on real situations. In its second edition, the award also had partnerships with the State University of Bahia (UNEB), the National Service for Industrial Learning (SENAI CIMATEC), the Hospital Cárdio Pulmonar, the Hospital Português and the Pain Therapy Clinic. "The winners presented solutions that may work not only for partner health institutions (Hospital Cárdio Pulmonar, Portuguese Hospital and Pain Therapy Clinic), but for other hospitals and clinics, making it a big deal", reveals the coordinator of the event.

The 4th edition awarded two winners for each of the categories related to the challenges proposed by the partner institutions Hospital Cárdio Pulmonar, Hospital Português and Clínica de Pain Therapy. The categories were:

Challenge 1 – Eliminate the risk of falling newborns in maternity hospitals;
Challenge 2 – Optimization of the technical evaluation process of medical prescriptions for hospitalized patients; 
Challenge 3 – Improve patient adherence to treatments through interaction.

In all, 12 proposals competed for the Award. The awards with certificate, trophy and financial recognition were given to those classified in first place, in the amount of 4 reais, in the 3 categories. Second place winners received a certificate and a trophy. In addition, all winners will be able to count on the support of the Bahiana in prospecting partnerships and raising funds to develop the idea and in the procedures for registering the intellectual property of the product developed with the National Institute of Industrial Property – INPI. 

Check out the winners of the 2nd INOVA+HEALTH:

  • Cardio Pulmonary Hospital Challenge

  • Portuguese Hospital Challenge

  • Clinical Pain Therapy Challenge

* With information from the Technological Innovation Center – NIT.