IX Biomedicine Symposium of Bahiana brings together renowned experts

The fully online event took place between the 3rd and 7th of November.


Renowned speakers discussed the political and scientific scenarios of Brazil in the IX Biomedicine Symposium of Bahiana. The fully online event took place live, through the YouTube from the institution, between November 3rd and 7th, from 18 pm to 22 pm, and also marked the II Week of Biomedicine. With the theme "Biomedicine and the challenges of art, environment and public health", the discussions promoted by the virtual meeting brought to light the difficulties of validating science in the country. Interspersing the explanations, the event was enhanced with cultural manifestations, such as the musical presentation of the student of Biomedicine course Gabriel Gramacho made up the program. The professor honored in the edition was Carlos Augusto Catão.

?We have a great intellectual potential that is constantly shaken by the political instability experienced today in Brazil?, explains Dr. Gustavo Cabral, an immunologist from Bahia, who is coordinating research on the COVID-19 vaccine in Brazil, and one of the speakers at the event . Dr. Jaqueline Góes, one of those responsible for sequencing the genome of the coronavirus in Brazil, was also present and highlighted how important it was that national studies were carried out right at the beginning of the pandemic in the country: ?Thanks to these studies, we were able to identify which ones the types of viruses originating from the coronavirus and how the infection by COVID-19 develops in the Brazilian's body”.
The event was coordinated by prof. Me Gabriel Andrade Nonato Queiroz, Master in Biotechnology in Health and Investigative Medicine, and brought together students, professors and professionals from several cities in Brazil, in addition to promoting the expansion of knowledge about Biomedicine and its areas of expertise. Therefore, the action provided the exchange of scientific knowledge through short courses, round tables and sections for exposition of scientific works in favor of technological development in the biomedical area.

Professor Gabriel Queiroz and Geraldo Ferraro (coordinator of the Biomedicine course) opened the event and, right after that, Thomas Kraack and Karen Silva, from the Abacashi group, presented 3 musical concerts. The first day of explanations also had the participation of professors Dr. Silvio Cecchi, Dr. Djair de Lima Jr., and Dr. André Vieira who brought the theme "Biomedicine in Brazil and Bahia". The biomedical and former student of Bahiana Vinicius Said also approached biomedicine from the perspective of aesthetic health.

Speakers Dr. Jaqueline Góes and Dr. Gustavo Cabral addressed ?COVID-19 and SARS-COV-2: from the genome to the vaccine? and professors Gabriel Muricy and Tanira Matutino spoke about ?The Biomedical in Epidemiological and Sanitary Surveillance in the (SARS-CoV-2)?. The two lectures took place on the second day of presentations. Professor Artur Dias mediated the discussions.

On the third day of lectures, professor Gabriel Queiroz started the event. Professor Brunno Câmara explained the importance of disseminating and popularizing biomedicine, and professors Luiz Hendrix and Sócrates Matos integrated the elucidations about making science accessible. The award-winning scientific works of the symposium were also announced.
Professor Sidney Santana mediated the last day of the event, which had the theme “Human Ecology and Pandemics?. Professors Dr. Aristeu Vieira and Dr. Débora Magnavita spoke in the first part of the event, covering the relationships between man, environment and animals and epidemiological and ecological studies between bats and arboviruses in Bahia. Professors Juracy Marques and Arthur Dias attend the November 6th discussion group.