Medical students from Bahiana are selected to compete for the Professor Doctor Roberto Santos Award

The students of Bahiana João Victor MP de Oliveira and André Luiz Freitas de Oliveira Júnior won two of the three places competing for the award.


The undergraduates of the Medicine course at Bahiana João Victor MP de Oliveira and André Luiz Freitas de Oliveira Júnior had their course completion works selected as finalists in the Professor Doctor Roberto Santos Award, awarded annually by the Academy of Medicine of Bahia to the authors of the best TCC in graduation, in the State of Bahia.

The Award, which consists of a medal and a certificate, aims to encourage the quality of scientific research in undergraduate Medicine in the state. In all, three finalists were selected. The result will be released on December 15, 2020.

From left to right, André Luiz Freitas de Oliveira Júnior and João Victor MP de Oliveira - Personal archive photos.
Entitled "Accuracy of Heuristic Judgment in Predicting Coronary Artery Disease in Patients with Acute Chest Pain", the work, as explained by the author, André Luiz, is an accuracy study (measurement precision) that assesses how the intuitive judgment of cardiologists is able to predict coronary artery disease in patients with acute chest pain. professionals have done this in an emergency context, “and since intuitive judgment is a process very susceptible to cognitive biases, this model is not yet validated in different clinical circumstances. Experience is an important variable in this equation, because the more experienced the professional, the greater their exposure to a given clinical condition and, therefore, the more immediate their reasoning tends to be (he uses Kahneman's system 1 ), unlike a still inexperienced professional, who often uses slower and more algorithmic reasoning (he uses Kahneman's 2 system)".

"Validation of an artificial intelligence algorithm for the diagnostic prevention of coronary heart disease in patients with acute chest pain – comparison with the traditional statistical model" is the title of João Victor's finalist work. The student explains that the study aims to compare traditional statistical models, such as multivariate analysis with logistic regression, with artificial intelligence, and find out what the difference is between them, or if both are good predictive tools. "I decided to apply for the award because, when we developed the work, we had a good result, with good methodology. We, my advisor and I felt that this line of research could generate more new works. By the way, our research group is doing work in this area".

Both students are members of the Research Group Records of Acute Coronary Syndromes (RESCA), coordinated by prof. Luís Cláudio Correia Lemos. "I like to compare RESCA to a compass. The compass never tells us exactly what is in front of us, but it represents an excellent device to guide us to the best path. At RESCA, I feel that I was guided to follow a beautiful course during my journey. graduation, acquiring, at an early stage, a solid scientific foundation. There is, there, a curious culture that no one ever “gets the fish” easily: it takes effort and proactivity to conquer something within the group", declares André Luiz , emphasizing that the coordinator always equips his student researchers with various tools for them to evolve scientifically.

About the award, João Victor emphasizes that it is important for his career in Medicine. "This award, in my career, will be very rewarding because it represents a part of my academic side that I really like, which is the research part, of always learning, of always questioning. first contact we have with this area of ​​research. I would be very grateful and very happy to have this award, so to speak, crowning this work that was once important for me and for my future life as a doctor," he declares.

For André Luiz, "this type of award is essential to encourage students to always look for something more. Brazil is always one of the first on the international list in number of articles published, but it is also one of the last in terms of quality in these productions. By Therefore, an initiative such as the Professor Doctor Roberto Santos Award is very important to make the future generation of physicians aware of the importance of quality research.In addition, the award can generate a chain reaction, as we human beings are guided by example".