Dentistry Course holds the III Public Health Symposium: use of psychoactive substances and bioethics

Event was a realization of the Public Health III component


The Public Health III component of the Dentistry course at Bahiana held, on October 22, the III Symposium on Collective Health: use of psychoactive substances and bioethics, broadcast through the official channel of the Bahiana on Youtube. With the guiding question: "Does your training enable you to care for people who use drugs?", the event was coordinated by professors Marlene Barreto Santos Miranda and Ricardo Araújo Silva and by students of the discipline.

"The Public Health III component is now expanded by the importance of the theme it assumes within the contemporary health debate, whether by the number of people who consume psychoactive substances, or by the prejudiced and stigmatizing way in which this theme is treated. The most important thing is that it is seen from an interdisciplinary perspective and this is exactly the purpose of the symposium". Teacher Marlene explained in her opening speech.

The opening conference "The Ethics of Care in the Field of Psychoactive Substances Consumption" was given by the social worker, Andréa Leite, Ph.D. In her speech, Andrea addressed issues related to Intervention Bioethics. "Technological advances such as medicines and equipment are fundamental to our health, but when there is such a strong and fundamental sanitary deficiency, it is first necessary to remedy hunger, misery, inequities and then, or, in parallel, advance technologically", pointed out Andrea in a moment of her speech.

The second lecture of the morning was on the theme "The Approaches between Justice and Health in the Field of Consumption of Psychoactive Substances", with the judge of Law Gerivaldo Neiva.

In the afternoon shift, medical students and members of the Research Group on Alcohol and Other Drugs Felipe Azevedo, Gabriela Abrantes, Maria Luisa Weber and Nicholas Ponso presented the theme "Approaches to psychoactive substances in academic training".

To finalize the program, the master and doctorate in Medicine and Human Health by Bahiana and specialist in geriatrics by Albert Einstein Antonio Carlos Silva Santos Junior presented the theme "The New Paths of Health in the field of Psychoactive Substances".