A tribute to Professor Humberto de Castro Lima

A great entrepreneur, dedicated to education and public health, the general coordinator of FBDC would be turning 96 on October 3rd.


Passionate about the sciences, fond of philosophy and literature, Professor Humberto de Castro Lima would be completing 96 years old on the 3rd of October. Ophthalmologist, he founded, in 1959, the Brazilian Institute of Ophthalmology and Prevention of Blindness (IBOPC)/Hospital Humberto Castro Lima, which is still a national reference in eye health. 

As a professor, for decades he was a full professor of Ophthalmology in the Medicine course at Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, where he was also the general coordinator of his sponsoring institution, the Foundation Bahiana for Science Development.
During his administration, he was responsible for the creation of Campi Brotas and Cabula, for the expansion of the offer of courses in the health area, as well as the assistance of teaching assistance, through the Teaching-Assistance Ambulatory of the Bahiana (ADAB). 

In the scope of research and postgraduate education, Stricto Sensu, he was the founder of the now renowned Postgraduate Program in Medicine and Human Health, which recently completed 20 years with master's and doctoral courses.

Professor Humberto de Castro Lima was born on October 03, 1924 and died on July 01, 2008, as honorary president of the Foundation Bahiana for Science Development.