Nationally recognized professionals spoke at the V Forum on Physical Activity, Health Promotion and Quality of Life

The event promoted by the Physical Education course at Bahiana was carried out through a digital platform.


The V Forum on Physical Activity, Health Promotion and Quality of Life at Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública had an exceptional edition, but no less successful. Due to the pandemic, the event, promoted by the Physical Education course, was held through the Zoom Meeting platform, on September 26, from 8 am to 18 pm, and featured lectures by nationally recognized professionals.

The initiative was aimed at students and professionals of Physical Education and other areas of health and discussed the need for knowledge of Physical Education professionals in different levels of health care. Lectures on training, from the beginning to the advanced stage, were also part of the program.

“The forum was quite challenging because, at the beginning, we didn't have the conception of the reach that we could have with the digital format. Faced with this challenge, the Bahiana welcomed us, giving us full support, through the institutional nuclei, so that we could develop the tasks, thinking about the necessary logistics and structures”, reveals professor Clarcson Plácido, the coordinator of the Physical Education course, adding that the lectures were extremely high. level and occurred without delay. In addition, there was a lot of interaction between the audience and the speakers. “We learned a lot and we are convinced that it is possible to deliver extremely high quality results with the support of digital education from Bahiana”, He concludes.

The V Forum on Physical Activity, Health Promotion and Quality of Life
Professors Ciro Queiroz and Clarcson Plácido welcomed participants to the event. Then, there was the round table “Physical Education and the Unified Health System”. Professor Sílvio Fonseca, master and doctor in Physical Education, addressed the topic: "Performance of Physical Education professionals in primary health care: what is the post-Covid-19 perspective?". As for the event, the doctor highlighted that the discussions were excellent. “The current and relevant themes reflected the vanguard position of the institution's Physical Education course”. In the lecture, Sílvio Fonseca raised questions about the future of the profession and how the professional will be able to direct their activities in favor of the population's health. "With good training, the path will be more successful and the Bahiana it is fulfilling its function with mastery!”, concluded the professor.

The experience report was made by professionals Pedro Santos and Ariani Conceição. Residents of the multidisciplinary family health program at FESP/SUS shared the learning process they went through during their residency. Ariani Conceição, who is also a graduate of the Physical Education course at Bahiana, said that, as a student, she had participated in all previous editions of the forum. “This year, participating as a speaker was an immense pleasure because I followed the growth of the event. The 5th edition of the Forum brought together excellent professionals who are a reference for physical education and this was a great highlight in relation to the forums already held”. The graduate highlighted how happy she was to be able to encourage the public to make a difference in the profession, always looking for new spaces.

The Doctor of Physical Education Rafael Looker explained about isometric exercises to control hypertension. The Master in Biotechnology and Doctor in Translational Medicine Thiago Rosa addressed the application and benefits of strength training in people with chronic kidney disease. The Master in Physical Education and Ph.D. in Physiological Sciences Jonato Prestes elucidated the strength training associated with obesity and weight loss. The Master in Adult and Child Health and PhD in Physical Education Bruno Bavaresco shared the alternative of resistance training for survivors of chronic ischemic stroke. The specialist in metabolic and physiological bases and Master of Science Fernando Rosa spoke about physical activity in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Ending the forum, the Master of Physiological Sciences and Doctor of Biology Richard Leite demonstrated the strategies and tools of Home-Based Training. The space for questions and observations was opened to the public through live chat.

For Professor Ciro Queiroz, the format of the event enabled the participation of people from various cities in Bahia and outside the state. The speakers were from different regions of Brazil, such as São Paulo, Brasília and Espírito Santo. As for the topic, the professor explained that “the hospital approach and focused on health care was highly relevant, since, by a recent decree, Physical Education professionals can work in this sector. Therefore, it is important that the Bahiana, as a health school, promote discussion and training in this field”. The teacher concluded by thanking the Bahiana for supporting the planning and holding of the forum.