Bahiana holds V Scientific Initiation Seminar

Online activity had the participation of high school and undergraduate students.


Researchers, professors, undergraduate and high school students participated in the V Scientific Initiation Seminar, promoted by Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública and carried out online, on September 10, via the Zoom platform. The meeting aimed to promote a moment of reflection on the research and bring updates on the program's operation. Stricto Sensu's Dean of Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies were present. Bahiana, Dr. Atson Fernandes, the coordinator of the Neurosciences Center at Bahiana, Dr. Bernardo Galvão, the president of the Scientific Initiation Committee of Bahiana, Dr. Thais Calasans, the coordinator of the Center for Technological Innovation and the Center for Health Research (NIT/NUPS), prof. Me Fernanda Ferraz, the academic-pedagogical manager of the Post-Graduation Stricto Sensu of Bahiana, prof. Me Sylvia Passos, the coordinator of the Research and Innovation Center, Dr. Amancio Souza, and the coordinator of the Physical Education course, Clarcson Plácido, on the occasion representing the coordinators of the other undergraduate courses, in addition to teachers from all the institution's courses.

During the event, the students were introduced to the Scientific Initiation room of the Bahiana in the Virtual Learning Environment (AVA), where information about the institution's scientific initiation programs can be found.

Representatives of partner institutions of the Scientific Initiation programs of the Bahiana, like Dr. Handerson Leite (Fapesb), Queila Borges (Hospital Cárdio Pulmonar), Isabel Virgens, Ianê Barbosa and Ricardo Fernandes (CJCC) and Genisson Silva Coutinho and Vinicius Dias (Algetec). In addition to research grants, the partnerships also provide infrastructure and technology for the practice of science at the institution.

"All these works with partnerships are for technological development, and we are already using it at this time of the pandemic. These are products that result in a living and applied science", highlighted Atson Fernades. Among the products, Genisson Silva Coutinho mentioned the virtual laboratories of anatomy, microbiology and biochemistry that are being used by students and professors at the institution.

The main point of the meeting was the lecture given by the ex-student of the Biomedicine course at Bahiana Caique Costa who shared his experiences with the students from the moment he decided to take the Biomedicine course, going through his several attempts to carry out research while still in graduation, until the present moment, when he is doing his doctorate at Tulane University, in New Orleans - U.S. About his difficulties and barriers overcome, Caique left a special message for the students of Scientific Initiation: "Sometimes, when we have a fixed idea in our head, we cannot expand our horizons".

Finally, prof. Dr. Bernardo Galvão highlighted Caique's successful career: "He is an example to all who are starting out, because we must persist. And nothing is easy. Increasingly, the Bahiana show what it is to be Bahiana. That's why we have the slogan 'Proud to be Bahiana'".