Bahiana promotes Philosophical Coffee

The event, which will be broadcast live on YouTube, will promote reflections on the universe._x005F_x005F_x000D_  


A Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública will promote the I Philosophical Coffee, an event that aims to provide reflections on the universe, based on scientific thinking. The initiative will take place on September 11, at 17 pm, through live on the YouTube channel of Bahiana.

The action will be developed by the Evidence-Based Medicine Center in partnership with the Academic League of Applied Neurosciences, both from Bahiana, and will address the theme "Does God play dice with the universe? A conversation about chance". Bahiana Lucas Piason Martins will mediate the meeting live, which will also bring discussions about certainties and uncertainties in scientific practice.

The live will feature lectures by engineer Ricardo Reis, with the theme "Conscious Opinion: a way to 'face' uncertainty", by Professor and Director of the MBE Center, Dr. Luís Cláudio Correia, who will address "The paradigm of Medicine /medical practice", and the doctor and professor of Bahiana Dr. Luiz Queiroz, who will bring "The comfort zone in the face of illusory certainties" as a topic for discussion.

MBE Center
The Center for Evidence-Based Medicine at Bahiana aims to provide society with access to scientific thinking in clinical reasoning, contributing to the dissemination of the scientific paradigm, in addition to providing the construction of new knowledge in MBE and fostering the development of light technologies that bring innovation to medical thinking.

I Philosophical Coffee of Bahiana

Topic: Does God play dice with the universe? A conversation about chance
Order date: September 11
Timetable: at 17 pm
Location: YouTube channel of Bahiana -