Online chat on scientific thinking is hosted by healthcare students

The 100% free online event was broadcast on YouTube's YouTube channel. Bahiana.


A Bahiana promoted its 1st edition of RESCA Talks, a chat made by students and for enthusiastic students of scientific thinking. The 100% online and free meeting was broadcast live on the institution's YouTube channel, through the link:, on March 27th. The event, coordinated by Professor Luís Cláudio Correia, addressed the interface between science and creativity.


The I Resca Talks arose from the need to share opinions and knowledge for the construction of science, and for this reason, the event discussed themes such as science in everyday life, scientific literacy and the value of uncertainty. All themes were elucidated by students from the Bahiana. André Luiz Júnior, Marllus Santos, Luiza Baz and Isabela Rodrigues spoke about science in everyday life; João Vitor Porto, Naieli Andrade, Katharina Bezerra and Josadaque Silva explained about scientific literacy; André Meireles, Allêh Nogueira, Pedro Simões and João Lucas Campos explored themes related to the value of uncertainty. Students Bruna Pontes and Milton Melo mediated the speeches of the speakers.


For Professor Luís Cláudio Correia, collaborating with scientific knowledge, promoting events such as Resca Talks, enables society's literacy in relation to science. Thus, the virtual meeting, by fostering public participation and interaction, represented an opportunity to learn science in a light and accessible way.