Social responsibility

Social responsibility




Partnership with the State Nucleus of Youth and Children's Orchestras of Bahia – NEOJIBA.

A Bahiana believes that generating opportunities and valuing art are pillars of a fair, dynamic and alive society. The school's partnership with the State Centers of Youth and Children's Orchestras of Bahia (NEOJIBA) is a combination of educational support aimed at promoting health.

Since 2014, the initiative has had the special dedication of students and professors from all courses at the institution and has contributed to achieving better health levels for the beneficiary population - children and adolescents from various locations in Salvador and Bahia who make up the NEOJIBA centers , in addition to members of the technical teams. Assistance actions include:

  • dental care
  • physiotherapy care
  • psychological support
  • education focused on the prevention of harm/diseases

In training activities aimed at NEOJIBA monitors and coordinators, the Bahiana develops techniques and knowledge in the fields of education and health, covering everything from teaching methods to training for acting in first aid.