Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Interdisciplinary Autism Research Laboratory (LABYRINTH)



(Face-to-face service suspended due to the pandemic)

This laboratory aims to carry out clinical, epidemiological and basic research in the area of ​​neurodevelopmental disorders, specifically autism spectrum disorders.

LABIRINTO's activities are not restricted to the scientific community. Weekly sessions for the presentation of research projects developed by the group take place weekly and are open to the general public. There are also weekly consultations for diagnostic evaluation of children who are referred by the Association of Friends of the Autist (AAMA-BA).

Professors Gustavo Siquara and Milena Pondé participate in the service, as well as residents of psychiatry at Hospital Juliano Moreira, students from the internship of Psychology and scientific initiation scholarship holders from LABIRINTO.

Due to the pandemic, the service has been tele-presential and the entry of new patients is suspended.