Clinical Laboratory of Bahiana Health performs test to detect Covid-19

Serology and RT-PCR exams are being offered with special prices for students, employees and their families.


The Clinical Laboratory of Bahiana Saúde is offering the test to detect COVID-19 at a special discount for students and employees of Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública. The benefit also extends to family members of both audiences and the testing is being carried out in a system drive thru, on campus Brotas, Pavilion III. Collection can be scheduled by WhatsApp number (71) 98340-1978.

Special Values
The exams are available at the cost of R$ 240,00 (RT-PCR) and R$ 185,00 (serology) for students, employees and their families. Payment can be made in cash or on debit and credit cards, the latter with installments in up to 3 installments. Other publics, should consult the value at the time of booking.

Testing Criteria
RT-PCR and Serology tests are being offered. In the first case, nasal and oropharyngeal secretion samples are collected in order to confirm the presence of the virus, using a piece of genetic code to identify it. This examination should be performed between the 3rd and 10th day of the onset of symptoms or if the patient suspected of having contracted the disease is asymptomatic. The result will be available in 6 days.

In the case of serology, there is blood collection, from which the immune response of the patient's body to the virus is verified, identifying the IgM and IgG antibodies. This test is indicated from the 10th day of onset of symptoms or at least within 20 days of contact with a person positive for Covid-19. Serology testing is not recommended for asymptomatic patients, and the result will be available within 4 days.

Covid-19 test
Payment methods: cash and on debit and credit cards in up to 3 times.
Scheduling and more information: WhatsApp (71) 98340-1978