Social responsibility

Social responsibility

HTLV Carrier Service Center



Contribute to the control of this serious public health problem in our environment. This is the premise of the HTLV Center at Bahiana.

The unit provides integrated and multidisciplinary care to HTLV-infected individuals, aiming at their physical and mental well-being, with laboratory diagnosis for screening and confirmation of infection, medical follow-up, psychological and physical therapy support.

The center serves not only patients from Salvador but from the entire state of Bahia. Most HTLV patients are underprivileged individuals, being assisted by the SUS.

Its implementation has also allowed the training of technicians, undergraduate and graduate students from the schools maintained by the Foundation Bahiana for Science Development in an endemic pathology in the state, aiming to elucidate important questions about the epidemiology, pathogenesis and therapeutics and prophylaxis of this disease.

Our multidisciplinary team is composed of:
· Infectologist;
· Neurologist;
· Physical therapist;
· Obstetrician;
· Hepatologist;
· Hematologist/oncologist;
· Dermatologist;
· Psychologist;
· Urologist;
· Gynecologist;
· Cardiologist;
· Pediatrician;
· Endocrinologist;
· Dentist;
· Ophthalmologist.