Bahiana: Two-time GPTW Champion

The institution is considered, for the second time, the best company to work for in Bahia


For the second year in a row, a Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública is the big winner of the Great Place to Work, Bahia section, an award given to entities that are recognized by their employees as a good place to work. The first place in the Large Companies category is repeated after the institution has participated in all seven editions of the GPTW Award, which, this year, also included the companies Kordsa, Simples Vet Tecnologia, Embracon-BA, Wish Hotel da Bahia, Laboratório Sabin, Bomconsórcio, Jacobina Mineração - Yamana Gold, Veracel Celulose and Natulab Pharmaceutical Laboratory. In all, 45 companies were qualified to compete for the award.

Telma Bastos, manager of the Strategic Management of People and Learning (GEPAP), says that the two-time championship is a response to the institution's policy of putting its collaborators first, taking into account the quality of life of their families. Within this perspective, she highlights some actions implemented by the Bahiana, such as the extension of paternity leave, from five days guaranteed by law to 15 days.

“The benefit of the extended paternity leave was spectacular. Being able to follow my son's early days was very important. Taking time to assist my wife with her care was critical. In my old job, I was only entitled to five straight days. Very little, it didn't help at all. I just have to thank the Bahiana!”, celebrates Gerson Silva Ribeiro, who has worked at the Project Management Center for a year and two months at the institution.

Bahiana it also offers the possibility of reducing the workload for mothers who have returned from maternity leave, during the baby's first year of life. To enjoy the benefit, the employee authorizes a salary reduction proportional to her workload. In addition, mothers with children up to 2 years of age are exempt from making break hours compensation.

Also within the policies aimed at the well-being of the family, the Bahiana grants parents two half-yearly exemptions - upon presentation of a certificate of attendance - so that they can participate in their children's school meetings, in addition to a 6-hour allowance so that they can accompany both their children and their elderly parents to medical appointments and other care with the health.

"The purpose of Bahiana, with this type of initiative, is to support the employee in taking care of their daily lives. It means surrounding these people with everything they need to have a more comfortable life, in the sense that they feel healthy, feel good about themselves, keeping in mind that the institution supports them in times of difficulty”, declares Telma.

Photo: collaborator Gerson Ribeiro
grow with the Bahiana
In addition to the various benefits that contribute to improving the quality of life of its employees, the Bahiana it is also committed to your professional growth, investing in internal selection processes. According to Telma Bastos, more than 50% of the vacancies made available during the year are filled by people who are already members of the institution's staff.

This is the story of young Felipe Brandão. gardener's son Bahiana, he dreamed of working at the institution, which he joined at the age of 16, through the Young Apprentice program. “I imagined that I would learn to work there and I really did. I learned to serve, to be responsible, efficient, innovative and enterprising. But it didn't stop there... One of the most important things I learned was that the way we do things is just as important as the task itself. This means respecting people, acting ethically and, above all, putting moral values ​​ahead of business. All this to Bahiana taught me."

Two and a half years after going through the program, and Felipe was only five months away from the institution, during which time he finished high school. He then participated in the selection to become an administrative assistant at the Teaching Laboratory and returned to the staff. "Putting into practice all the knowledge obtained throughout my professional life and the qualifications, training and courses that the Bahiana provided me, after being administrative assistant for a year, I have already been promoted twice more within a period of two years. This reinforces how much our Bahiana is extremely committed to the advancement and professional qualification of its employees”.
Photo: collaborator Felipe Brandão
during the pandemic
Bahiana it has not adhered to any salary reduction program or employment contract suspension and has been maintaining its workforce without harming their salaries. Aiming to understand the scenario of needs and offer customized care to its employees, GEPAP created the Momento program Bahiana. "We conducted a survey with employees, through their managers, to raise what the demands were, how they were feeling in this pandemic, with this physical distance, what kind of support they needed to be more calm and comfortable" , tells Telma Bastos. According to her, feelings of anxiety, concerns, fears and specific needs for the adequacy of work in this new modality were predominantly identified.

Based on this mapping, several contingency actions were carried out to meet the needs raised. Letters from the Management are now sent to all employees every two weeks, as a way of connecting and strengthening bonds, which employees have experienced as a moment of great synergy, comfort and belonging. Among the actions there is also the promotion of lives with content proposed from research results. The first one was “How are the emotions in this pandemic?”, which had as a guest the coordinator of the Psychopedagogical Care Center, Angélica Mendes, with the mediation of the coordinator of the Psychology course, Sylvia Barreto. The second live, mediated by Telma Bastos, had the theme “How is your health going?”, with the guests Dr. Thaila Oliveira, manager of Safety and Health at Work, and Dr. Rita Carvalho, professor in charge of the Family Medical Residence and Communities, both collaborators of Bahiana.

The next live, “Academy at home: taking care of your body”, will be held on August 7th, at 17 pm, with the participation of the coordinator of the Physical Education course at Bahiana, professor Clarcson Plácido C. dos Santos, and Janaína O. Pitanga, manager of the Physiotherapy Clinic. According to Telma Bastos, new themes are being formatted for other virtual meetings.

customized care
Telma Bastos emphasizes that all the work developed by GEPAP focuses on the employee and their individual demands, whether they are health or financial issues, always seeking to be aware of the moment in their employees' lives in order to support them in their needs.

Within this scope, a project is in the pilot phase that aims to provide the employee with comprehensive medical care. The initiative is the result of a partnership with the Bahiana Health. “It will be that reference doctor who will look at the individual as a whole. A professional who will know the patient's history well and, therefore, will also take care of him when there is a need to make a referral to a specialist”, explains Telma.

From a financial point of view, the GEPAP manager explains that the Bahiana offers financial guidance so that the employee does not go into debt and helps them to find alternatives. About 40% of people looking for payroll loans decline this claim after these guidelines, because they find solutions out of debt.   

“Bahiana it's a unique place to work. When people ask me about it, I say without fear of making mistakes: a Bahiana is different, the Bahiana is extremely focused on the well-being of its employees. I recommend to everyone the best place I've ever worked in my professional life”, declares Gerson Silva Ribeiro.