XXIII Science with Acarajé is carried out through digital education

The event addressed the preservation of fertility and had 133 participants.


“The 23rd edition of Ciência com Acarajé was a challenge that was very successful” – as described by the event coordinator, prof. Sidney Santana. The initiative took place on July 16, from 18:21 pm to 133:XNUMX pm, through the virtual platform Google Meet, and had XNUMX participants. Dr. Agnaldo Viana is a physician and a biomedical professor at Bahiana Daniele Bulcão, both employees of the IVI clinic, discussed gamete freezing and the possibilities of preserving fertility. The clinic specializes in personalized assisted reproduction treatment techniques.

The guest speakers explained about the cryopreservation of eggs and sperm, a subject of great interest to people who wish to preserve gametes with the aim of becoming parents at an older age, as explained by prof. Sidney Santana. The teacher highlights the virtual format that "made it practical and easy for participants to join, in addition to providing a great interaction between the public and the speakers, through various questions made during the chat, which, in person, often does not happen ”.

Sidney Santana also emphasizes the excellent level of organization of the action, thanks, above all, to the commitment of PET Biomedicina da Bahiana and the technological knowledge of the members, who knew how to carry out the project with great aplomb. Although, in this edition, the famous acarajé has not been distributed, everyone is expected to enjoy the much-loved cake after returning from in-person activities.

“It was a great pleasure and satisfaction to participate in the event and to be able to share some of my knowledge as an embryologist, integrated with my trajectory as a biomedic in this area”, says Professor Daniele Bulcão. The biomedical company congratulates the organizers, who managed, even in a virtual way, to gather a very participative public, culminating in the event's success. Many students and other guests went online to learn more about assisted human reproduction. "Being able to make participants aware of the importance of preserving fertility was of paramount importance, especially for women, who have their biological clock 'against them'."

As for being a professor at the institution, the specialist in assisted reproduction reveals that it is an honor to be part of the Bahiana and being able to contribute to the growth of students by encouraging their participation in events like this one. “As a student, still at the beginning of the Biomedicine course, I chose to work in the area of ​​Assisted Human Reproduction, which has always been a passion for me, but also a challenge, as access to this area was very scarce during my academic life. For students of Bahiana, having the discipline in the curriculum content is already a great opportunity”. The teacher ends by thanking everyone who participated and, in particular, the members of PETBiomed for making the event possible.

Screenshot of the presentation taken during the XXIII Science with Acarajé.