Alumni service

Check which documents can be requested and more information.


The General Secretariat is the sector responsible for serving alumni.

Requests, questions or any other type of contact should be sent to the e-mail: You will receive all the necessary guidance for the Bahiana can meet your need.

Documents that can be requested:
- 2nd copy of the Diploma;
- School Records;
- Teaching Plans;
- Certificates;
- Declarations;
- Documents for Institutions abroad (request to be attended under supervision of REAI).

Click here to access the Registration Update Form.

Former Students Abroad

Former students with requests for documents, processes and validations with international agencies must fill out the Application Form below, which will be forwarded to the Institutional Academic Relations and Internationalization Center (REAI), which will contact you.

Click here to access the Alumni Application Form.

NOTE: The documents issued by Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública are digitally certified. These documents have legal validity, both in physical and digital media, and their authenticity can be verified on our website by clicking on the icon Certisign Subscription Portal/Bahiana

The digital certificate attests the identity of the person or company on the internet, through an electronic file, digitally signed, which guarantees the authenticity and legal validity of documents electronically.