Capes Periodicals

Practicality, exclusivity and free access to world scientific production: another differential offered by Bahiana.


Capes Periodicals Portal is the Brazilian portal for scientific information. Through this service, students, professors, researchers and employees of 194 higher education and research institutions across the country - among them the Bahiana - have access to up-to-date world scientific production. The portal contains complete articles from more than 12 thousand national and international journals, 130 databases with document summaries in all areas of knowledge, in addition to an important list of academic information sources with free access.

When searching by title or database, resources such as the search tool integrated in the collection are available through a query by author, subject or keyword.

To access the exclusive content of Portal Capes, it is necessary to register on the site, linking your account to the Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública. The login must be done on the institution's computers or via Federated Academic Community (CAFe).

In academic units, the Bahiana it also makes available Capes WebTV programming, exclusive media for institutions and members of the Brazilian academic-scientific community.

CAFe and remote access
Bahiana is a member of the Federated Academic Community (CAFe), which brings together Brazilian teaching and research institutions.

Through CAFe, the user keeps all his information in the institution of origin and can access web services offered by the institutions participating in the federation. Remote access to Portal Capes is available to all teaching and research institutions that are part of the community.

Click here to check, step by step, how to access the exclusive content of Portal Capes via CAFe, using your institutional email from Bahiana.