Professional Master's Degree in Psychology and Health Interventions completes one year

To celebrate a successful year, the course will host an international online seminar


To train qualified professionals for the exercise of an advanced and transforming occupational practice. For this purpose, in July 2019, the Professional Master's Degree in Psychology and Health Interventions of the Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, course approved in December 2018, by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) of the Ministry of Education. Now in its second class, the program has been developing research and interventions applied to the practice of psychologists and professionals in related areas, based on its two lines of investigation, namely: outpatient clinic and psychology in hospital contexts. To celebrate the success of the Masters, the Bahiana will perform, on the day 17 July: International Seminar: Psychology Challenges in Post-Covid-19. The event will be completely online and open to the public, with lectures from 10:12 am to 30:14 pm and from 16:30 pm to XNUMX:XNUMX pm. To participate, interested parties must access the link:

The first roundtable will focus on the theme “Challenges in Psychology Training in the post-Covid-19 period”, with the participation of invited professors Flávia Lemos (Federal University of Amazonas), Fernanda Vidal (New York University) and Angela Soligo ( Unicamp-ABEP).

In the afternoon, the second roundtable will be held with the theme "Challenges of Psychology and research in the post-Covid-19 period". Guest professors Augusto Guambe (Wutivi University - Mozambique), Catarina Brandão (University from Porto - Portugal), Luciana Mourão (Universo) and Silva Bentolila (Buenos Aires), invited to talk about their experiences and reflections on the future.

The vice-coordinator of the course, Prof. Dr. Marilda Castelar, emphasizes that the choice of the theme for the meeting converges with the moment of reflection that the course has been going through due to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to her, the faculty has been working together with students and the academic community, in order to, through a collective construction, come up with solutions for new ways of producing knowledge in the post-quarantine period. “The post-pandemic I understand will be a consequence of this construction and the exchange of ideas. And that's why we want to learn from other experiences and listen to all the segments during this seminar”, he declares. 

Dr. Marilda emphasizes that it will be a special moment for the exchange of ideas, experiences and reflections on what the study of psychology can become in the future. "The future is built in the present. We are evaluating and reevaluating content and formats, seeking to improve, every day, this training in research in Psychology and Health Interventions", points out the professor, drawing attention to the possibility of new dynamics in academic work : “We have to return safely and, for that, it is necessary to make pacts and think together”.

According to the Dean of Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies Stricto Sensu of Bahiana, prof. Dr. Atson Fernandes, the course was designed to meet the demands of the new century. "It is a professional and not an academic course, which means to say that it aims to qualify our graduates with a solid scientific background, allowing these future graduates to not only exercise academic activities but, mainly, impact the market in their work environments . It is a course aimed at preparing people to do work that can generate good social indicators wherever they are working", he declares.

Despite being in the universe of psychologies, the course has professional master's students from different areas of knowledge, inside and outside of health, such as nurses, physiotherapists, doctors, lawyers and journalists. 

According to Prof. Dr. Mônica Daltro, coordinator of the course, the Professional Master's Degree in Psychology and Health Interventions is a course that has been designed for some years, based on the interest of Bahiana in expanding the field of psychology in its territory. "The undergraduate course in Psychology of Bahiana it is a reference in the State of Bahia, both in pedagogical quality and in the capacity to train good professionals, and the master's course came naturally based on that. The idea of ​​a professional master's degree was supported by the certainty that psychology is a young profession that invents and reinvents itself in practice", he says.

Another justification for the creation of the course pointed out by Mônica is that psychology, as a field of knowledge, is spreading in society, especially in times of pandemic. "This period of Covid-19 makes evident the importance of Psychology for society, not only in the care with anxiety and fears, but also with the extension of a psychology that is strongly committed to contributing to a better society, either working in hospital, clinic, primary care, education, emergency and disaster contexts, mental health, human resources. The Master's in Psychology is a response to society in this regard, and is one of the few programs in the State".

According to Mônica Daltro, at this time, most of the research carried out within the program is aware of the adversities caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the Academic-Pedagogical Manager of the Stricto Sensu Graduate Program at Bahiana, prof. Me Silvia Passos, "The Professional Master's Degree in Psychology and Health Interventions at Bahiana it is already born consolidated, because it is a course that meets a local, state and even regional need, considering that most courses offered in the Northeast are academic and this is a master's degree that is born with a characteristic for working not only with psychologists but also with professionals from different areas, as can be seen in these first two classes that are in progress. This shows the multi-referentiality of this proposal". 

Silvia also highlights the fact that the researches are developed to be applied. "These professionals will look for solutions to problems in the daily scope of their work. This is the great differential of the course and marks its success throughout this year. This applicability of the study developed in the professional environment is a great trend not only for professional master's degrees in the Brazil, but from many courses in the world".

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