Sanitation Protocol for administrative and Call Center areas for COVID-19

Check the protocol followed by Bahiana during this period.


During the period we are going through, every care is needed in combating the coronavirus. Check out the Sanitation Protocol of the Administrative and Call Center Areas of the Bahiana.

• Wash your hands with soap and water before starting activities in the sector.
• Apply the alcohol gel on your hands and rub them for 10 seconds.
• Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth without having properly sanitized hands.
• Place film on all keyboards and mice and sanitize the outside of the film with 70% alcohol every 2 hours. Change the paper film when it is damaged.
• Properly and frequently clean work surfaces such as desks, telephones, doorknobs (especially), switches, handrails, glass doors, buttons, etc.
• Keep environments open and ventilated.
• Avoid close contact with people who have respiratory infections.
• Provide sanitizing cloth (Perfex type) and 120ml oil drums with 70% alcohol for each booth and each desk of the reception attendants, so that employees can carry out the cleaning of their work area when necessary.
• Each employee must have individual office supplies and not allow the sharing of these materials among colleagues.
• Perform cleaning in the sector every 2 hours; do not leave accumulated garbage.
• Do not eat food in the work area, only water is allowed.
• Regarding headsets, sanitize them at each shift change. Each employee should be responsible for cleaning their individual sponges.
• Wear masks at all times in the work environment.
• Keep a distance of 1 meter between people.
• Carry out rotations among employees, avoiding crowding in the sector.