Death note: Prof. Dr. Armênio Costa Guimarães

Bahiana expresses regret for the death of the professor of the Graduate Program in Medicine and Human Health.


It is with immense regret that the Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, his last academic address, communicates the death of Prof. Armênio Costa Guimarães, teacher and inspirer of countless health professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, nutritionists, psychologists, necessary and indispensable members for the integral care of the human being in the biopsychosocial aspects.

Professor Armênio, born in Salvador, on September 17, 1933, completed his elementary and secondary studies at Colégio Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora and Maristas, respectively, and graduated in medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, in 1956. At the beginning of his career he had as mentor Prof. Jorge Augusto Novis and was a clinical physician at the Tyssila Balbino Maternity Hospital.

He did several Postgraduate internships in Cardiology, for example, at USP Medical School, Cornell University and Minnesota and Sabado D'Angelo Institute of Cardiology, ICSD, USA, which gave him solid training in this area, making him one of the highlights of Brazilian Cardiology.

He has held various management positions and contributed to various associative institutions, having been professor and Dean of Research and Postgraduate Studies at FMB, UFBA, Professor and Vice-Coordinator of the Postgraduate Course in Medicine and Human Health at Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, Professor Emeritus at the Federal University of Bahia. He was also a visiting professor at Univ. de Cornell, -NY USA and Universidade de Brasília, president of the Scientific Committee of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology, founding partner, president and permanent member of the Scientific Council of the Brazilian Society of Hypertension, founder and president of the Bahia League of Hypertension and Atherosclerosis, member founder of the Academy of Sciences of Bahia, scientific director of FAPESB, professor emeritus at UFBA and Member Emeritus of the Academy of Medicine of Bahia, coordinator of the Research Ethics Committee and coordinator of the Multiprofessional Residency in Cardiology at Hospital Ana Nery/UFBA. Redeemed member of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology BC and member of the American College of Cardiology, American College o fPhysicians and American Heart Association, honorary member of the Portuguese Society and the Argentine Federation of Cardiology and founding member of the Academy of Sciences of Bahia.

He was also the author of numerous scientific articles published in highly regarded international journals and several books and book chapters.

It is noteworthy that Prof. Armênio Guimarães directly participated in the training of most cardiologists in Bahia and made a great social contribution, having been a staunch supporter of the SUS (Unified Health System).