Bahiana officializes the anticipation of graduation in Medicine

The measure is among the actions aimed at reducing academic impacts and will take place on April 16, at 19 pm.


On March 12, the WHO declared a pandemic situation, calling everyone to a state of alert. THE Bahiana, as is its nature, anticipated measures to prevent and control possible contagions from the infection caused by COVID-19: it created the institutional COVID19 Committee to support the Rectory in the decisions required by the protocol of this pandemic. At that time, all actions were based on two guidelines:
1) maintain a safe environment for students, teachers, staff and patients;
2) contribute to reducing the impact of the pandemic through solidarity actions in order to reduce the damage caused by the coronavirus in Salvador and Bahia.

Since then, the entire institution has been working tirelessly to avoid the losses resulting from the suspension of academic activities, such as the anticipation of vacations for undergraduate students, except for students in the 12th semester of the Medicine course. In this sense, when analyzing the situation of this class of undergraduates, it was noted that the students had already exceeded the minimum boarding hours required by the MEC. Therefore, considering the current scenario and meeting the demand of the class, the Structuring Faculty Nucleus (NDE) and the Rectory decided to consider the course hours paid, thus anticipating the graduation of these graduates for April 16, in the format Online, at 19h.

Another academic measure of support for undergraduates was the creation of an extension course entitled "Ultimate notions of medical rationality: taking advantage of the context of COVID-19", in which the faculty has worked intensively to offer a critical view and a practical approach to the panorama. current. In addition, the institution also established a partnership with the publisher REMEDY, which is providing medical education content.

Bahiana understands the "knot" in the history that everyone has been going through and sympathizes with their students, teachers, employees and partners.

Read, in full, the letter to academics from Bahiana.