Bahiana integrates a task force for the production of protective masks against COVID-19 for health professionals

Face Shiel for Life 3D project brings together researchers from teaching and research institutions throughout Bahia.


With the coronavirus pandemic, work groups have been formed with the objective of contributing to the containment of contagion and the promotion of the treatment of infected people. In Bahia, a group of researchers, teachers and volunteers from Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, State University of Bahia (UNEB), Federal University of Western Bahia (UFOB), Federal Institute of Bahia (IFBA), NGO Instituto PEPO, Mini Maker Lab, Youth Center for Science and Culture, Coruja Lab and the company ALGETEC – Engineering and Health Solutions joined in the project Face Shield for Life 3D, which aims to make individual protection masks for health professionals. The first batch is already being produced and will be delivered, this Wednesday (25), to Hospital Couto Maia.

The masks are being produced with 3D printers, and the inputs for the manufacture are being acquired via voluntary donation from society through a virtual kitty.

According to the Dean of Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies Stricto Sensu of Bahiana, prof. Dr. Atson Souza Fernandes, the goal is to reach a daily production of 200 masks and a final 4 masks, and these units can be reused after disinfecting, according to biosafety protocols. With the support of the State Health Department of the State of Bahia (SESAB), the project should serve other health facilities during the fight against coronavirus.

Face Shield for Life 3D
The Face Shiel for Life 3D Project is being coordinated by a steering committee composed of Atson Fernandes researchers (BAHIANA), Leandro Brito Santos (Federal University of Western Bahia – UFOB) and Eduardo Manuel de Freitas Jorge (UNEB), who is also a member of the production committee alongside Elton Borges de Sena Barreto of the Youth Center for Science and Culture (CJCC) , Leandro Brito Santos (UFOB) and Peterson Albuquerque Lobato from the Mini Maker Lab.

Those interested in contributing to the initiative can make donations through the link: